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St Louis' schools, FRANCE


Three schools from Marseille are involved in the MCICM Comenius partnership : the two elementaries schools St Louis Rove, St Louis' Station and College Jules Ferry which all belong to the priority  education network of St Louis. They are located in the northern suburbs of Marseille, known as neighborhoods where live a lot of poor people and a lot of  strangers.

That neighborhood has always been inhabited by a population derived from working class backgrounds, workers. Indeed at one time in the 19th century and until the seventies years,  St Louis included several industries (St Louis factory of sugar, Panzani pasta, soap factory, mills ,...).

It was also a place where many of religious congregations had elected homes. Campaign Leveque   where the college is located was owned by a bishop hence its name (Leveque).

It is also an immigrant neighborhood mostly for people who arrive from the shores of the Mediterranean, also Comoro (Marseille hosts the largest population Comorian of France). We also have recently population derived from ancient Russian provinces.

The schools receive lot of students with difficulties to study and why are built lot of projects in different subjects, different pedagogic organizations are developped to help them. St Louis Rove has the distinction of having a special class for dyslexic children.